What our clients say​

Kenneth Loke​

We are very grateful to have Jack as our ID. He would sit patiently with us for hours to work out our desired home plan and meeting our budget despite our irrational demands.
Jack is also very responsive too whenever we needed to find him for some renovation matters, he is always there and quick in response. Even after the renovation has completed, he would still response to our queries whenever we have doubts. For instant, I would like to highlight that even after renovation completed and he even went extra mile and arrange people to come over to do some touch up and painting work which he really didn't have to.

If you are looking for a patient, reliable and professional ID, we would definitely recommend

Csann Tye Kelisan

We engaged Ryan for the renovation of our new house. Ryan listened to our ideas and input his own creativity into it. He's always thinking of ways to ensure that we save on cost but at
the same time not compromising on our design ideas. Fuss-free and sincere in helping us out building our dream home. Even after 6 months of completion for our house, and one of our wardrobe hinges and downlights was not functioning, he came down personally to fix it w/o any charges as he provides warranty coverage. That's a big thumbs up for him! A big thank you for helping us out through our reno journey.

A very reliable and sincere ID that we are glad to have engaged!

Nawzays Damba

We were glad to run into Jack Gay during our search for an ID. He was very chill and  managed to envision our ideas for our home into reality. The quality of the materials used
are also very good and long lasting. He is open to any last minute ideas and will work to achieve anyone’s desires.

Highly recommended!!!


Both my wife and me worked with Jack on our 5 room BTO. Being first time home owners, Jack’s wealth of knowledge helped us alot. Well versed in both technical and aesthetics, Jack is able to come up with a design that served our needs and satisfy our wants. We were well updated during the renovation process and we managed to even settle our household
neccesities with Jack’s extensive network. After sales was great, i still contact Jack if there’s a need to settle issues. Will reccommend Jack to help built your home.

Deen Hajah

I chose to work with Ryan amongst all the other IDs i contacted. Found him to be genuine and client centric. He was very responsive and took effort to address our concerns and issues the quickest he could. i am very happy with the quality of his work and his post-reno services.

William Lim

Sufen was great in both recommending designs for our new place and managing the project - we really like how the place came out! She's got a good sense of colours and design, which
is very helpful of course.

Darren Ng

After meeting many IDs, we decided to go with Ezekiel. It was a pleasure working with him throughout the renovation process. From the onset, it was clear that he is passionate about
his craft and this showed from start to end through his attitude and responsiveness.

As with all projects, there were some hiccups but Ezekiel would provide practical solutions and ensured that the issues were settled ASAP. He was also not afraid to get his hands dirty to
settle some of the minor issues himself. Thanks for everything!

Jillian Liew

It was really a pleasure working with Sufen. She was able to quickly pick up on our likes and dislikes and came up with great designs that suited our needs. She was also super patient in
answering our many questions, and was responsive throughout (even when touch ups were needed after the renovation was over).

Even though we were very occupied with work then,
Sufen made sure everything went smoothly and we are really happy with our new home!

Linda Chan

I had just completed the renovation of my three room resale flat. It was a pleasant experience and Nicholas Gn, my designer displays his professionalism through his knowledge in the renovation field as well as his aesthetic knowledge in design. I believe that is the reason for choosing an ID vs a contractor. The aesthetic is important to me too. Nicholas would always give me the pros and cons of every choices before I made my decision. This is very helpful especially to someone who is a first time home owner and had never done renovation before. Nicholas believes in practicality in design. This helped me to avoid many unnecessary spendings. Most importantly, he listens to his client.

I was not very happy with my flat previous owner’s design which made the three room flat look cramped and claustrophobic. Nicholas understands that and all his design concept for me helps to counter the problem I had with the flat. I could say that I really love my place now!

Some IDs I went to keep saying my house is small but to Nicholas, he offers solution in terms of the design choice made to solve my problems instead of stating the obvious. This shows his professionalism and experience in the field. Also, he would update me on the progress of the renovation and swiftly helped to resolve any issues that cropped up. I really appreciate it and his honesty when asked for opinions on
my furnishings.

Yes, I will recommend Nicholas to anyone who wants to do renovation.

Sherlene Ong

We met with 5 IDs after getting keys to our 4 room resale and finally decided on Nicholas Gn
to help with our house.

We have been very pleased with his service and especially his responsiveness. This is something very important to me as I get kancheong quite easily. Having had minor issues after moving in, we immediately contacted Nic on several occasions and he did not fail to help us even though the "job was done". We have heard horror stories of IDs being uncontactable once they got their money. We are thankful that he is/was always there when we didn't know how to solve the problems and needed his advice as it is our first home.

Nic is someone who is quick to suggest practical solutions with for example, weird corners, or my mismatched choice of colours. I can also tell that he is technically strong and has good experience to know what will work out well. I think this really what makes him stand out. He was always available to give us his comments on opinions on our choice of furniture and measurements of different items. Every reno journey will have hiccups and Nic was fast to rectify them and notify us so that we would worry less.

Besides Nice;s great service, we are also impressed with the quality and workmanship of the wood works, carpentry and all are superb. Every other vendor that has been allocated to us has given us really good service too. Materials used are also of great quality and you can tell that they will last long. So glad it turned out well!

I have strongly recommended Nic to my other friends who are looking for ID's and hope that they will engage him one day too 🙂

Chemistry with your ID is very important and I’m glad Nic helped us to realise our beautiful
dream home!

Charles Tee

Jack Gay helps us alot during our renovation.
He listens to our needs then come out nice design and budget plan for us. During the renovation, he help us to solve all issues even we have some minds changed during the renovation.

Even after we moved in, some time we have some enquiries or issues he also attend and settle for us.

Overall, i recommended him on my experiences

Angel Chan

We worked with Gary for our new BTO. He may be young but is knowledgeable, always eager to help and quick to respond to our questions. He was also patient in explaining things to us and helped to link us up to suppliers at a good price. Although there were issues along the way, he would always provide solutions and rectify them quickly.

Overall we are satisfied with our new home.

Thanks for being our ID

Adel Woon

We started our ID search quite late, just slightly before we collected our keys. After sifting through the wide variety of options available in the market, we went with Sufen. Even though she's young, she has a wealth of experience in the industry. She was able to quickly visualize what design we envisioned for our home and bring that vision to reality.

Sufen was also able to work fantastically well with our tight budget yet not compromise on quality (which we were VERY anal about). In a span of 8 weeks, Sufen and her team transformed my home from bare walls and floors into a beautiful home that I never want to leave. Thank you for your wonderful work, it was a great experience. I highly recommend working with Sufen if you want a fuss-free beautiful
project that you'd be glad to call your ow

Royston Rui Kun

We have been on the lookout for an ID since we got notice of our key collection. Since then, we met a couple of IDs that were recommended by friends or through qanvast but nevertheless, Ryan was the standout one among the rest. He was very straightforward with us and doesn’t beat around the bushes. He is very honest and we felt very comfortable sharing our ideas. We never felt any pressure or sales talk from him at all when we are going through comparison of the quotation with other firm. He is always giving very constructive and creative feedback on how to achieve practicality and design at the same time. He could clearly understand our requirement and has a good foresight on how our dream home will look like. What we love the most is whenever our budget is exploding, he will always work his magic to make it happen. Along the renovation journey, when have new ideas and additional request, he is always very patient with us. He always goes to the extra mile to help us get the ideal design that we wanted. Irregardless how many trips he or his contractor has to make, he will ensure all the defects are rectified. What matter the most was the final design our house turn out exactly

how we plan out to be. For this kind of service and commitment, I believe it worth every
penny that we have paid for. For that, I would like to thanks Ryan for his service and